My number


What there is to it?
Always correct, in style, in knowledge, in panache.
Never stressed about that.

Remember, as just an ordinary example from the many, this thing with the Bons Bois in the Cognac? That's what I mean.
Remember the fine displays of car handling? That's what I mean, too.
Let alone the fine displays of informer (f.) handling. And the gaming.

If only the company would provide me with a suitable Miss Moneypenny.

Oh, if you still think Bond is boring, how about some quotes?

Is there a reason to copy all that is already out there on the 'net? One should think not.
These three should help you on your way:
  1. A link to the office
  2. A link to a major fan
  3. And the link to other links

One should know when to shut up.